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T1636.004 SMS Messages

Adversaries may utilize standard operating system APIs to gather SMS messages. On Android, this can be accomplished using the SMS Content Provider. iOS provides no standard API to access SMS messages.

If the device has been jailbroken or rooted, an adversary may be able to access SMS Messages without the user’s knowledge or approval.

Item Value
ID T1636.004
Sub-techniques T1636.001, T1636.002, T1636.003, T1636.004
Tactics TA0035
Platforms Android, iOS
Version 1.1
Created 01 April 2022
Last Modified 20 March 2023

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S1061 AbstractEmu AbstractEmu can intercept SMS messages containing two factor authentication codes.46
S0309 Adups Adups transmitted the full contents of text messages.21
S0304 Android/Chuli.A Android/Chuli.A stole SMS message content.20
S0292 AndroRAT AndroRAT captures SMS messages.5
S0540 Asacub Asacub can collect SMS messages as they are received.7
S0432 Bread Bread can access SMS messages in order to complete carrier billing fraud.16
S0655 BusyGasper BusyGasper can collect SMS messages.27
S0529 CarbonSteal CarbonSteal can access the device’s SMS and MMS messages.12
S0480 Cerberus Cerberus can collect SMS messages from a device.25
S0425 Corona Updates Corona Updates can collect SMS messages.10
S0301 Dendroid Dendroid can intercept SMS messages.29
S0505 Desert Scorpion Desert Scorpion can retrieve SMS messages.37
S0550 DoubleAgent DoubleAgent has captured SMS and MMS messages.12
S1054 Drinik Drinik can collect user SMS messages.36
S0320 DroidJack DroidJack captures SMS data.23
S0478 EventBot EventBot can intercept SMS messages.42
S0522 Exobot Exobot can intercept SMS messages.30
S0405 Exodus Exodus Two can capture SMS messages.34
S0509 FakeSpy FakeSpy can collect SMS messages.4
S0182 FinFisher FinFisher captures and exfiltrates SMS messages.14
S0408 FlexiSpy FlexiSpy can intercept SMS and MMS messages as well as monitor messages for keywords.12
S1067 FluBot FluBot can intercept SMS messages and USSD messages from Telcom operators.43
S0577 FrozenCell FrozenCell has read SMS messages for exfiltration.41
S0423 Ginp Ginp can collect SMS messages.49
S0535 Golden Cup Golden Cup can collect sent and received SMS messages.11
S0551 GoldenEagle GoldenEagle has collected SMS messages.12
S0421 GolfSpy GolfSpy can collect SMS messages.26
S0536 GPlayed GPlayed can read SMS messages.24
S0406 Gustuff Gustuff can intercept two-factor authentication codes transmitted via SMS.17
S0544 HenBox HenBox can intercept SMS messages.15
S0463 INSOMNIA INSOMNIA can retrieve SMS messages and iMessages.13
S0485 Mandrake Mandrake can access SMS messages.35
S0303 MazarBOT MazarBOT can intercept two-factor authentication codes sent by online banking apps.47
C0016 Operation Dust Storm During Operation Dust Storm, the threat actors used Android backdoors to continually forward all SMS messages and call information back to their C2 servers.54
S0399 Pallas Pallas captures and exfiltrates all SMS messages, including future messages as they are received.14
S0289 Pegasus for iOS Pegasus for iOS captures SMS messages that the victim sends or receives.19
S0295 RCSAndroid RCSAndroid can collect SMS, MMS, and Gmail messages.28
S0539 Red Alert 2.0 Red Alert 2.0 can collect SMS messages.39
S0403 Riltok Riltok can intercept incoming SMS messages.45
S0411 Rotexy Rotexy processes incoming SMS messages by filtering based on phone numbers, keywords, and regular expressions, focusing primarily on banks, payment systems, and mobile network operators. Rotexy can also send a list of all SMS messages on the device to the command and control server.9
S0313 RuMMS RuMMS uploads incoming SMS messages to a remote command and control server.22
S1062 S.O.V.A. S.O.V.A. can intercept and read SMS messages.18
S1055 SharkBot SharkBot can intercept SMS messages.8
S0549 SilkBean SilkBean can access SMS messages.12
S0324 SpyDealer SpyDealer harvests SMS and MMS messages from victims.44
S0305 SpyNote RAT SpyNote RAT can read SMS messages.38
S0328 Stealth Mango Stealth Mango uploads SMS messages.6
S0329 Tangelo Tangelo contains functionality to gather SMS messages.6
S1069 TangleBot TangleBot can read incoming text messages.52
S0558 Tiktok Pro Tiktok Pro can collect SMS messages from the device.51
S0424 Triada Triada variants capture transaction data from SMS-based in-app purchases.48
S0427 TrickMo TrickMo can intercept SMS messages.31
S0418 ViceLeaker ViceLeaker can collect SMS messages.33
S0506 ViperRAT ViperRAT can collect SMS messages.40
G0112 Windshift Windshift has included SMS message exfiltration in the malicious apps deployed as part of Operation BULL and Operation ROCK.53
S0489 WolfRAT WolfRAT can collect SMS messages.50
S0298 Xbot Xbot steals all SMS message and contact information as well as intercepts and parses certain SMS messages.3
S0318 XLoader for Android XLoader for Android collects SMS messages.32


ID Mitigation Description
M1011 User Guidance Access to SMS messages is an uncommonly needed permission, so users should be instructed to use extra scrutiny when granting access to their SMS messages.


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0041 Application Vetting Permissions Requests
DS0042 User Interface System Settings


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