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T1027.008 Stripped Payloads

Adversaries may attempt to make a payload difficult to analyze by removing symbols, strings, and other human readable information. Scripts and executables may contain variables names and other strings that help developers document code functionality. Symbols are often created by an operating system’s linker when executable payloads are compiled. Reverse engineers use these symbols and strings to analyze code and to identify functionality in payloads.31

Adversaries may use stripped payloads in order to make malware analysis more difficult. For example, compilers and other tools may provide features to remove or obfuscate strings and symbols. Adversaries have also used stripped payload formats, such as run-only AppleScripts, a compiled and stripped version of AppleScript, to evade detection and analysis. The lack of human-readable information may directly hinder detection and analysis of payloads.2

Item Value
ID T1027.008
Sub-techniques T1027.001, T1027.002, T1027.003, T1027.004, T1027.005, T1027.006, T1027.007, T1027.008, T1027.009, T1027.010, T1027.011
Tactics TA0005
Platforms Linux, Windows, macOS
Version 1.0
Created 29 September 2022
Last Modified 20 October 2022

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S1048 macOS.OSAMiner macOS.OSAMiner has used run-only Applescripts, a compiled and stripped version of AppleScript, to remove human readable indicators to evade detection.2


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0022 File File Metadata