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T1652 Device Driver Discovery

Adversaries may attempt to enumerate local device drivers on a victim host. Information about device drivers may highlight various insights that shape follow-on behaviors, such as the function/purpose of the host, present security tools (i.e. Security Software Discovery) or other defenses (e.g., Virtualization/Sandbox Evasion), as well as potential exploitable vulnerabilities (e.g., Exploitation for Privilege Escalation).

Many OS utilities may provide information about local device drivers, such as driverquery.exe and the EnumDeviceDrivers() API function on Windows.43 Information about device drivers (as well as associated services, i.e., System Service Discovery) may also be available in the Registry.2

On Linux/macOS, device drivers (in the form of kernel modules) may be visible within /dev or using utilities such as lsmod and modinfo.516

Item Value
ID T1652
Tactics TA0007
Platforms Linux, Windows, macOS
Version 1.0
Created 28 March 2023
Last Modified 04 May 2023

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S0376 HOPLIGHT HOPLIGHT can enumerate device drivers located in the registry at HKLM\Software\WBEM\WDM.8
S0125 Remsec Remsec has a plugin to detect active drivers of some security products.7


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0017 Command Command Execution
DS0009 Process OS API Execution
DS0024 Windows Registry Windows Registry Key Access