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T1532 Archive Collected Data

Adversaries may compress and/or encrypt data that is collected prior to exfiltration. Compressing data can help to obfuscate its contents and minimize use of network resources. Encryption can be used to hide information that is being exfiltrated from detection or make exfiltration less conspicuous upon inspection by a defender.

Both compression and encryption are done prior to exfiltration, and can be performed using a utility, programming library, or custom algorithm.

Item Value
ID T1532
Tactics TA0035
Platforms Android, iOS
Version 2.0
Created 10 October 2019
Last Modified 01 April 2022

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S0422 Anubis Anubis exfiltrates data encrypted (with RC4) by its ransomware module.7
S0540 Asacub Asacub has encrypted C2 communications using Base64-encoded RC4.6
S0505 Desert Scorpion Desert Scorpion can encrypt exfiltrated data.4
S0405 Exodus Exodus One encrypts data using XOR prior to exfiltration.2
S0577 FrozenCell FrozenCell has compressed and encrypted data before exfiltration using password protected .7z archives.1
S0535 Golden Cup Golden Cup has encrypted exfiltrated data using AES in ECB mode.8
S0421 GolfSpy GolfSpy encrypts data using a simple XOR operation with a pre-configured key prior to exfiltration.3
S0424 Triada Triada encrypts data prior to exfiltration.5