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T1641 Data Manipulation

Adversaries may insert, delete, or alter data in order to manipulate external outcomes or hide activity. By manipulating data, adversaries may attempt to affect a business process, organizational understanding, or decision making.

The type of modification and the impact it will have depends on the target application, process, and the goals and objectives of the adversary. For complex systems, an adversary would likely need special expertise and possibly access to specialized software related to the system, typically gained through a prolonged information gathering campaign, in order to have the desired impact.

Item Value
ID T1641
Sub-techniques T1641.001
Tactics TA0034
Platforms Android
Version 1.1
Created 06 April 2022
Last Modified 20 March 2023


ID Mitigation Description
M1006 Use Recent OS Version Recent OS versions have limited access to certain APIs unless certain conditions are met, making Data Manipulation more difficult


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0041 Application Vetting API Calls