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S0552 AdFind

AdFind is a free command-line query tool that can be used for gathering information from Active Directory.123

Item Value
ID S0552
Associated Names
Version 1.0
Created 28 December 2020
Last Modified 29 December 2020
Navigation Layer View In ATT&CK® Navigator

Techniques Used

Domain ID Name Use
enterprise T1087 Account Discovery -
enterprise T1087.002 Domain Account AdFind can enumerate domain users.123
enterprise T1482 Domain Trust Discovery AdFind can gather information about organizational units (OUs) and domain trusts from Active Directory.123
enterprise T1069 Permission Groups Discovery -
enterprise T1069.002 Domain Groups AdFind can enumerate domain groups.123
enterprise T1018 Remote System Discovery AdFind has the ability to query Active Directory for computers.123
enterprise T1016 System Network Configuration Discovery AdFind can extract subnet information from Active Directory.123

Groups That Use This Software

ID Name References
G0037 FIN6 2
G0045 menuPass 4
G0102 Wizard Spider 3561
G0016 APT29 789
G0046 FIN7 10


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