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T0893 Data from Local System

Adversaries may target and collect data from local system sources, such as file systems, configuration files, or local databases. This can include sensitive data such as specifications, schematics, or diagrams of control system layouts, devices, and processes.

Adversaries may do this using Command-Line Interface or Scripting techniques to interact with the file system to gather information. Adversaries may also use Automated Collection on the local system.

Item Value
ID T0893
Tactics TA0100
Platforms Control Server, Engineering Workstation, Field Controller/RTU/PLC/IED, Human-Machine Interface, Input/Output Server, Safety Instrumented System/Protection Relay
Version 1.0
Created 30 March 2023
Last Modified 05 April 2023

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S1000 ACAD/Medre.A ACAD/Medre.A collects information related to the AutoCAD application. The worm collects AutoCAD (*.dwg) files with drawings from infected systems. 4
S0038 Duqu Duqu downloads additional modules for the collection of data from local systems. The modules are named: infostealer 1, infostealer 2 and reconnaissance. 5
S0143 Flame Flame has built-in modules to gather information from compromised computers. 3


ID Mitigation Description
M0803 Data Loss Prevention Data loss prevention can restrict access to sensitive data and detect sensitive data that is unencrypted.
M0941 Encrypt Sensitive Information Information which is sensitive to the operation and architecture of the process environment may be encrypted to ensure confidentiality and restrict access to only those who need to know. 1 2
M0922 Restrict File and Directory Permissions Protect files stored locally with proper permissions to limit opportunities for adversaries to interact and collect information from the local system. 1 2
M0917 User Training Develop and publish policies that define acceptable information to be stored on local systems.


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0017 Command Command Execution
DS0022 File File Access
DS0009 Process OS API Execution
DS0012 Script Script Execution