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T1482 Domain Trust Discovery

Adversaries may attempt to gather information on domain trust relationships that may be used to identify lateral movement opportunities in Windows multi-domain/forest environments. Domain trusts provide a mechanism for a domain to allow access to resources based on the authentication procedures of another domain.3 Domain trusts allow the users of the trusted domain to access resources in the trusting domain. The information discovered may help the adversary conduct SID-History Injection, Pass the Ticket, and Kerberoasting.25 Domain trusts can be enumerated using the DSEnumerateDomainTrusts() Win32 API call, .NET methods, and LDAP.5 The Windows utility Nltest is known to be used by adversaries to enumerate domain trusts.1

Item Value
ID T1482
Tactics TA0007
Platforms Windows
Version 1.2
Created 14 February 2019
Last Modified 16 June 2022

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S0552 AdFind AdFind can gather information about organizational units (OUs) and domain trusts from Active Directory.6978
S0534 Bazar Bazar can use Nltest tools to obtain information about the domain.2324
S0521 BloodHound BloodHound has the ability to map domain trusts and identify misconfigurations for potential abuse.11
S1063 Brute Ratel C4 Brute Ratel C4 can use LDAP queries and nltest /domain_trusts for domain trust discovery.1718
C0015 C0015 During C0015, the threat actors used the command nltest /domain_trusts /all_trusts to enumerate domain trusts.29
G0114 Chimera Chimera has nltest /domain_trusts to identify domain trust relationships.26
S0105 dsquery dsquery can be used to gather information on domain trusts with dsquery * -filter “(objectClass=trustedDomain)” -attr *.5
G1006 Earth Lusca Earth Lusca has used Nltest to obtain information about domain controllers.27
S0363 Empire Empire has modules for enumerating domain trusts.10
G0061 FIN8 FIN8 has retrieved a list of trusted domains by using Nltest.exe /domain_trusts.28
G0059 Magic Hound Magic Hound has used a web shell to execute nltest /trusted_domains to identify trust relationships.25
S0359 Nltest Nltest may be used to enumerate trusted domains by using commands such as nltest /domain_trusts.1314
S0378 PoshC2 PoshC2 has modules for enumerating domain trusts.12
S0194 PowerSploit PowerSploit has modules such as Get-NetDomainTrust and Get-NetForestTrust to enumerate domain and forest trusts.1516
S0650 QakBot QakBot can run nltest /domain_trusts /all_trusts for domain trust discovery.21
S1071 Rubeus Rubeus can gather information about domain trusts.2019
C0024 SolarWinds Compromise During the SolarWinds Compromise, APT29 used the Get-AcceptedDomain PowerShell cmdlet to enumerate accepted domains through an Exchange Management Shell.30 They also used AdFind to enumerate domains and to discover trust between federated domains.3132
S0266 TrickBot TrickBot can gather information about domain trusts by utilizing Nltest.1422


ID Mitigation Description
M1047 Audit Map the trusts within existing domains/forests and keep trust relationships to a minimum.
M1030 Network Segmentation Employ network segmentation for sensitive domains.5.


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0017 Command Command Execution
DS0029 Network Traffic Network Traffic Content
DS0009 Process OS API Execution
DS0012 Script Script Execution


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