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T1614 System Location Discovery

Adversaries may gather information in an attempt to calculate the geographical location of a victim host. Adversaries may use the information from System Location Discovery during automated discovery to shape follow-on behaviors, including whether or not the adversary fully infects the target and/or attempts specific actions.

Adversaries may attempt to infer the location of a system using various system checks, such as time zone, keyboard layout, and/or language settings.123 Windows API functions such as GetLocaleInfoW can also be used to determine the locale of the host.1 In cloud environments, an instance’s availability zone may also be discovered by accessing the instance metadata service from the instance.45

Adversaries may also attempt to infer the location of a victim host using IP addressing, such as via online geolocation IP-lookup services.62

Item Value
ID T1614
Sub-techniques T1614.001
Tactics TA0007
Platforms IaaS, Linux, Windows, macOS
Permissions required User
Version 1.0
Created 01 April 2021
Last Modified 15 October 2021

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S1025 Amadey Amadey does not run any tasks or install additional malware if the victim machine is based in Russia.8
S0115 Crimson Crimson can identify the geographical location of a victim host.10
S0673 DarkWatchman DarkWatchman can identity the OS locale of a compromised host.14
S0632 GrimAgent GrimAgent can identify the country code on a compromised host.9
S0262 QuasarRAT QuasarRAT can determine the country a victim host is located in.7
S0481 Ragnar Locker Before executing malicious code, Ragnar Locker checks the Windows API GetLocaleInfoW and doesn’t encrypt files if it finds a former Soviet country.1
S1018 Saint Bot Saint Bot has conducted system locale checks to see if the compromised host is in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, or Moldova.1213
S0461 SDBbot SDBbot can collected the country code of a compromised machine.11
G1008 SideCopy SideCopy has identified the country location of a compromised host.15


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0017 Command Command Execution
DS0009 Process OS API Execution


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