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T1207 Rogue Domain Controller

Adversaries may register a rogue Domain Controller to enable manipulation of Active Directory data. DCShadow may be used to create a rogue Domain Controller (DC). DCShadow is a method of manipulating Active Directory (AD) data, including objects and schemas, by registering (or reusing an inactive registration) and simulating the behavior of a DC. 1 Once registered, a rogue DC may be able to inject and replicate changes into AD infrastructure for any domain object, including credentials and keys.

Registering a rogue DC involves creating a new server and nTDSDSA objects in the Configuration partition of the AD schema, which requires Administrator privileges (either Domain or local to the DC) or the KRBTGT hash. 2

This technique may bypass system logging and security monitors such as security information and event management (SIEM) products (since actions taken on a rogue DC may not be reported to these sensors). 1 The technique may also be used to alter and delete replication and other associated metadata to obstruct forensic analysis. Adversaries may also utilize this technique to perform SID-History Injection and/or manipulate AD objects (such as accounts, access control lists, schemas) to establish backdoors for Persistence. 1

Item Value
ID T1207
Tactics TA0005
Platforms Windows
Permissions required Administrator
Version 2.1
Created 18 April 2018
Last Modified 08 March 2022

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S0002 Mimikatz Mimikatz’s LSADUMP::DCShadow module can be used to make AD updates by temporarily setting a computer to be a DC.62


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0026 Active Directory Active Directory Object Creation
DS0029 Network Traffic Network Traffic Content
DS0002 User Account User Account Authentication