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T1626 Abuse Elevation Control Mechanism

Adversaries may circumvent mechanisms designed to control elevated privileges to gain higher-level permissions. Most modern systems contain native elevation control mechanisms that are intended to limit privileges that a user can gain on a machine. Authorization has to be granted to specific users in order to perform tasks that are designated as higher risk. An adversary can use several methods to take advantage of built-in control mechanisms in order to escalate privileges on a system.

Item Value
ID T1626
Sub-techniques T1626.001
Tactics TA0029
Platforms Android
Version 1.1
Created 01 April 2022
Last Modified 15 March 2023


ID Mitigation Description
M1013 Application Developer Guidance Applications very rarely require administrator permission. Developers should be cautioned against using this higher degree of access to avoid being flagged as a potentially malicious application.


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0041 Application Vetting Permissions Requests
DS0042 User Interface Permissions Request