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DS0014 Pod

A single unit of shared resources within a cluster, comprised of one or more containers12

Item Value
ID DS0014
Platforms Containers
Collection Layers Container
Version 1.0
Created 20 October 2021
Last Modified 10 November 2021

Data Components

Pod Creation

Initial construction of a new pod (ex: kubectl apply|run)

Domain ID Name
enterprise T1610 Deploy Container

Pod Enumeration

An extracted list of pods within a cluster (ex: kubectl get pods)

Domain ID Name
enterprise T1613 Container and Resource Discovery

Pod Metadata

Contextual data about a pod and activity around it such as name, ID, namespace, or status

Domain ID Name
### Pod Modification
Changes made to a pod, including its settings and/or control data (ex: kubectl set patch edit)
Domain ID Name
enterprise T1610 Deploy Container


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