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DS0039 Asset

Data sources with information about the set of devices found within the network, along with their current software and configurations

Item Value
ID DS0039
Collection Layers Host
Version 1.0
Created 11 May 2022
Last Modified 24 March 2023

Data Components

Asset Inventory

This includes sources of current and expected devices on the network, including the manufacturer, model, and necessary identifiers (e.g., IP and hardware addresses)

Domain ID Name
ics T0838 Modify Alarm Settings
ics T0836 Modify Parameter
ics T0843 Program Download
ics T0848 Rogue Master


This includes sources of current and expected software or application programs deployed to a device, along with information on the version and patch level for vendor products, full source code for any application programs, and unique identifiers (e.g., hashes, signatures).

Domain ID Name
ics T0877 I/O Image
ics T0835 Manipulate I/O Image
ics T0821 Modify Controller Tasking
ics T0889 Modify Program