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DS0033 Network Share

A storage resource (typically a folder or drive) made available from one host to others using network protocols, such as Server Message Block (SMB) or Network File System (NFS)1

Item Value
ID DS0033
Platforms Linux, Windows, macOS
Collection Layers Host
Version 1.0
Created 20 October 2021
Last Modified 30 March 2022

Data Components

Network Share Access

Opening a network share, which makes the contents available to the requestor (ex: Windows EID 5140 or 5145)

Domain ID Name
enterprise T1486 Data Encrypted for Impact
ics T0811 Data from Information Repositories
enterprise T1039 Data from Network Shared Drive
enterprise T1570 Lateral Tool Transfer
ics T0867 Lateral Tool Transfer
enterprise T1021 Remote Services
enterprise T1021.002 SMB/Windows Admin Shares
ics T0886 Remote Services
enterprise T1080 Taint Shared Content