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T1602.002 Network Device Configuration Dump

Adversaries may access network configuration files to collect sensitive data about the device and the network. The network configuration is a file containing parameters that determine the operation of the device. The device typically stores an in-memory copy of the configuration while operating, and a separate configuration on non-volatile storage to load after device reset. Adversaries can inspect the configuration files to reveal information about the target network and its layout, the network device and its software, or identifying legitimate accounts and credentials for later use.

Adversaries can use common management tools and protocols, such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Smart Install (SMI), to access network configuration files.12 These tools may be used to query specific data from a configuration repository or configure the device to export the configuration for later analysis.

Item Value
ID T1602.002
Sub-techniques T1602.001, T1602.002
Tactics TA0009
Platforms Network
Permissions required Administrator
Version 1.0
Created 20 October 2020
Last Modified 17 February 2022


ID Mitigation Description
M1041 Encrypt Sensitive Information Configure SNMPv3 to use the highest level of security (authPriv) available.4
M1037 Filter Network Traffic Apply extended ACLs to block unauthorized protocols outside the trusted network.4
M1031 Network Intrusion Prevention onfigure intrusion prevention devices to detect SNMP queries and commands from unauthorized sources. Create signatures to detect Smart Install (SMI) usage from sources other than trusted director.1
M1030 Network Segmentation Segregate SNMP traffic on a separate management network.4
M1054 Software Configuration Allowlist MIB objects and implement SNMP views. Disable Smart Install (SMI) if not used.51
M1051 Update Software Keep system images and software updated and migrate to SNMPv3.2


ID Data Source Data Component
DS0029 Network Traffic Network Connection Creation