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T1433 Access Call Log

On Android, an adversary could call standard operating system APIs from a malicious application to gather call log data, or with escalated privileges could directly access files containing call log data.

On iOS, applications do not have access to the call log, so privilege escalation would be required in order to access the data.

Item Value
ID T1433
Tactics TA0035
Platforms Android, iOS
Version 1.1
Created 25 October 2017
Last Modified 18 September 2019

Procedure Examples

ID Name Description
S0309 Adups Adups transmitted call logs.4
S0304 Android/Chuli.A Android/Chuli.A stole call logs.7
S0292 AndroRAT AndroRAT collects call logs.6
S0425 Corona Updates Corona Updates can collect the device’s call log.14
S0550 DoubleAgent DoubleAgent has accessed the call logs.20
S0320 DroidJack DroidJack captures call data.3
S0405 Exodus Exodus Two can exfiltrate the call log.10
S0182 FinFisher FinFisher accesses and exfiltrates the call log.9
S0551 GoldenEagle GoldenEagle has collected call logs.20
S0421 GolfSpy GolfSpy can obtain the device’s call log.13
S0544 HenBox HenBox has collected all outgoing phone numbers that start with “86”.19
S0463 INSOMNIA INSOMNIA can retrieve the call history.15
S0407 Monokle Monokle can retrieve call history.11
S0399 Pallas Pallas accesses and exfiltrates the call log.9
S0316 Pegasus for Android Pegasus for Android accesses call logs.5
S0289 Pegasus for iOS Pegasus for iOS captures call logs.2
S0539 Red Alert 2.0 Red Alert 2.0 can collect the device’s call log.18
S0549 SilkBean SilkBean can access call logs.20
S0324 SpyDealer SpyDealer harvests phone call history from victims.8
S0328 Stealth Mango Stealth Mango uploads call logs.1
S0329 Tangelo Tangelo contains functionality to gather call logs.1
S0558 Tiktok Pro Tiktok Pro can collect the device’s call logs.21
S0418 ViceLeaker ViceLeaker can collect the device’s call log.12
S0506 ViperRAT ViperRAT can collect the device’s call log.17
S0489 WolfRAT WolfRAT can collect the device’s call log.16


ID Mitigation Description
M1005 Application Vetting On Android, accessing the device call log requires that the app hold the READ_CALL_LOG permission. Apps that request this permission could be closely scrutinized to ensure that the request is appropriate.
M1001 Security Updates Decrease likelihood of successful privilege escalation attack.
M1006 Use Recent OS Version Decrease likelihood of successful privilege escalation attack.


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